Trainees progress towards the Teachers' Standards will be reviewed at regular intervals throughout the course and a wide range of evidence is used when making judgements such as observations of teaching; half termly reports, pupils learning and progress over time, including work scrutiny; completed assignments and the trainees own reflections and self evaluations.

The focus of all observations is developmental - with a clear aim to help trainees to further improve the quality of teaching and learning over time.  

The final Assessment will take place in June and will consist of a paired observation, scrutiny of evidence against the Teachers' Standards, a formal interview and a final summative report from the teacher tutor. Two phonics lesson will also be observed in the final few weeks.

Again, when making a final judgement at the end of the course on the quality of teaching and performance against the Teachers' Standards, we are able to consider a wide range of evidence collected throughout the year, due to our frequent visits and regular contact with trainees, teacher tutors and mentors.  

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